Christmas Tree Ornaments Created with Passion

Find out about our offer of handmade glass Christmas tree ornaments. Their variety and top quality craftsmanship will surely let you find something for yourself. Something that will make Christmas merrier and more magical than ever before!

We wish to meet each customer expectations, whatever they may be. That’s why we offer classic hand-painted baubles in shapes of angels, Santa Clauses, snowmen or Christmas trees as well as many other shapes, more unique and individual. Animals, plants, teddybears, toys, sport and religious themes will make the Christmas decorations appeal to all tastes, both young and adult!

Our Offer

We are a team of professionals and our creativity makes it possible for our customers to get Christmas tree ornaments they dreamed of. We offer:

  • classic round-shaped handmade baubles that will make every Christmas tree perfect
  • Christmas tree baubles in the most unique shapes
  • Christmas tree finials that will make your tree stand out
  • 100% handmade little ornaments and Christmas decorations
  • eggs, teddybears in suits with fur trim, grey and white Christmas tree ornaments as well as limited editions that cannot be found elsewhere

Regardless of which Christmas ornament you choose, you may be sure of its highest quality. Handmade from the finest materials and based on creative ideas of our designers, they will impress everyone, regardless of age, needs or tastes. Elegant packing makes our handmade glass baubles and other Christmas decorations a perfect gift!

Explore our full offer and invest in Christmas decoration that will transform every room and set the stage for magical holidays!