Original Baubles in Various Shapes

Does a Christmas tree bauble have to be round-shapes? Of course not! Although those classical, hand-painted baubles are predominate in our offer, we would like to cater to all needs of our clients and make their dreams come true. Looking for baubles shaped as teddybears in suits with fur trim, shapes as animals and all sort of Santa Clauses or snowmen? You will easily find them all in our offer!

Glass Star – nothing but the most beautiful baubles in various shapes!

We stand for diversity while creating hand-painted glass baubles in the most sophisticated and original shapes. Thus, we appeal to the tastes of both older Christmas lovers and little ones who will surely be entertained by colorful and varied ornaments adorning your Christmas tree.

What kind of Christmas tree bauble designs can you find in our offer?

  • Snowmen that will remind you of a beautiful winter even if there’s no snowfall this year
  • Santa Clauses – loved by all, both the little ones and the elders
  • Baubles shaped as teddybears in suits with fur trim and penguins, which amaze with originality and the most beautiful craftsmanship
  • Dogs and cats that remind us of our beloved pets
  • Sport-themed baubles, perfect for all lovers of Christmas as well as soccer, basketball or volleyball
  • Religious-themed baubles, featuring more or less famous but always fascinating biblical themes
  • Other handmade baubles, including bugs, fruit and vegetable, woodland motifs and many others!

Undeniably, there is a variety to choose from! In each category, you will find a range of various shapes of baubles and equally many designs and paintings. Everyone is sure to find something they love.

Why should you buy Christmas tree baubles in our online store?

We offer Christmas tree baubles handmade from the most carefully selected materials by the best specialists on the matter. We guarantee that all our products are safely packaged while offering the best value for money. Check it out, make this holiday season even more magical and impress your family!

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