Round-shaped hand-painted baubles

Hardly anyone could imagine Christmas without a splendid Christmas tree, perfected by amazing Christmas ornaments. For many, baubles are the most essential Christmas tree decorations, that make it possible to transform your tree in many different ways. Glass Star offers the best glass baubles, created from materials of the highest quality and, last but not least, hand-painted from start to finish.

Why round-shaped handmade baubles?

Mostly because they are classical, highly appreciated Christmas ornaments and no one can imagine Christmas without them. They make for a magical and festive Christmas tree and they are what this holiday is really about.

Christmas tree baubles came to Poland in the 19th century and quickly gained popularity. Initially, they were imported from abroad (eg. from Germany), but gradually more and more specialists and blowers started their activity in Poland. Now Poland is the world leader in the production of glass baubles. Among those, hand-painted baubles are the most coveted ones, which also feature the most intricate designs and are products of the highest quality.

Glass Star or the best round-shaped baubles

We began our activity in 2001 and, since then, we have created thousands of stunning Christmas tree baubles, using carefully selected glass and proven blowing technique. Our artists paint by hand each Christmas ornament which makes all our products unique. Regardless of which design of our glass baubles you choose, you may be sure it’s a tiny work of art!

We strongly encourage you to check out our full offer of hand-painted baubles, which feature various themes, both typically Christmassy or religious and many others. We offer not only individual Christmas ornaments, but also entire sets of Christmas baubles. Each purchase in our store is a guarantee of the highest quality and the best value for money. Such a combination of quality and great price doesn’t happen so often!

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