Visit our factory and create your own Christmas bauble!

Feel invited to visit our factory and take part in Christmas Bauble Workshops, where you can create your own Christmas ornaments.

Workshops are conducted by mentors in groups of 15-40 participants, regardless of age (both children and adults are welcomed)*.
Our teachers will be glad to answer all your questions regarding production process and technological aspects of creating our glass Christmas ornaments.

Workshops are conducted in our factory in Brzesko, at Solskiego Street 37, from Monday to Friday, at 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM or 10:30 AM – 12:30 AM.

During workshops, our professionals and experienced decorators will teach you how to make your own unique Christmas tree bauble.

Call us and treat yourself to a magical Christmassy gift.

*We welcome groups of under 15 people with minimum payment equivalent to the fee for a 15-person group

1. Design

The first step of Christmas ornament production process. From the designs and models out of modelling clay produced by graphic artists to plaster cast and aluminium moulds.

2. Blowing of the glass

In the room where we blow the baubles, we will see how Christmas ornaments in different shapes and slowly blowed baubles are created using a glass pipe and an aluminium mould.

3. Silvering

In the silvering room, we will see how, as a result of a chemical reaction, the inside of the Christmas tree bauble is plated with silver nitrate to obtain a coating necessary for the next stages of decorating process.

4. Varnishing

The next step is visiting the varnish room where Christmas decorations gain colors.

5. Decorating

Afterwards, we visit a decorating room where well-qualified personnel perfect our products and give them their special look. All glass Christmas tree baubles are decorated by hand, using a wide range of paints, varnishes and glitter.

6. Packaging

The last step of the process is topping each Christmas ornament with a cap and a hook, putting a label on it, carefully wrapping each ornament and putting it in the right box so that it gets safely to our clients.

Warsztaty malowania

After factory tour, it is time for workshops!

The main attraction is painting Christmas tree baubles under the watchful eye of professional decorators. Participants, by their own ideas, will single-handedly decorate their own Christmas tree ornament!

Finished bauble can be taken home by each participant to be hanged on the Christmas tree. It’s a one-of-a-kind souvenir! Once the painting is done, each Christmas ornament is allowed to dry and put in a box ensuring safe transport.

While Christmas ornaments made by participants are allowed to dry, the group is invited to visit our little store to see a display of decorated Christmas trees and many glass decorations, not only for Christmas! It’s also possible to make a purchase on site.

The producer of Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments Glass Star invites to the store to purchase baubles at the prices of manufacturer.