About Us

Glass Star is a family company that was born out of passion and a will to deliver the most wonderful Christmas decorations to Polish homes. We have operated since 2001 and, thanks to our expertise and skills of our professionals, we have become a valued partner for many customers. As a result, we now deliver baubles, Christmas tree finials and many other Christmas decorations across Europe and to the United States. We wish to win our clients’ hearts with perfection and wholly individualized approach to each customer.

Ozdoby choinkowe jelenie
Skrzynka z bombkami


In our attempts to provide the highest quality of our Christmas decorations, all of our products are 100% handmade from the finest materials. Thus, we ensure that each Christmas tree ornament is a tiny work of art.

In Glass Star factory, we closely monitor every stage of the production process. Before Christmas decoration gets to your door, it passes through many hands. From design, through shaping and decorating, to packaging we maintain the highest standards of production.

Nasi specjaliści

Our Professionals

What constitutes our biggest strength? Surely, our employees (or should we rather say artists). Each specialist in Glass Star has mastered the art of blowing and decorating the glass, which makes our Christmas decorations so special. Our team is built of the best designers, carvers, blowers and decorators who are willing to undertake challenging tasks.

What about the patterns? They first appear in the minds of the owners of Glass Star to delight Polish as well as foreign customers.

Presentations for Schools

How our hand-painted glass baubles are made? Students can see for themselves as we organize presentations delivered by experienced professionals to show the process of manufacturing Christmas decorations.

Pokazy dla szkół


Our Christmas decorations and ornaments are made of glass. That’s why we take special care while packaging. You may be sure that they will get to you in perfect condition!

Christmas Tree Ornaments for Everyone

Our goal is to meet each customer expectations, regardless of their needs and purposes. That’s why we offer a variety of Christmas decorations, making each product unique. You may choose from traditional designs (we produce among others Santa Clauses, snowmen and baubles with Christian themes) or those more loosely connected to Christmas (such as animals, toys, fairytale characters). They appeal to all tastes, also to the youngest!

Our collection of Christmas ornaments and living room decorations is constantly growing. A wide range of products stems from our passion and creativity. Everyone will find something to their taste!

We hope that our baubles in a variety of shapes and other ornaments manufactured by Glass Star will be a crucial element to your merry and magical holidays!