Egg Baubles

By using the proper technique of blowing and hand painting of our Christmas decorations, we provide you with the most unique and beautiful products, which will make you feel magical this Christmas. In our offer, we included egg baubles, which are a great alternative to the traditional designs or a perfect addition to them. They represent the highest quality of production and they left no one indifferent!

Why Our Egg Baubles?

Christmas tree baubles don’t come solely in classical, round-shaped form, which is something you’ll realize while looking at our offer. Egg baubles offered in this category stand out from other Christmas ornaments and gain popularity among our clients thanks to their unusual shape. Richly embellished and 100% hand-painted by our artists, they meet expectations of the most demanding customers, both the youngest Christmas lovers and the older ones.

Egg baubles featured on our website are modeled after Fabergé eggs – priceless treasures, one of the most sought after masterpieces of jewelry design. They mimic perfectly famous eggs and add splendor to your Christmas tree. We make sure that each work of art is a testimony to a different style and is available in several colors. Thus, you are able to find something to fit your taste and to please your eyes.

Choose the right design and color to fit your taste!

By combining sentiment and tradition with elegant modernity, we created egg baubles in different versions. We recommend:

  • black Christmas ornaments with golden decorations
  • golden eggs with meticulously drawn clock face
  • stylish, white and silver baubles with rich embellishments
  • red and blue products with various elegant motives
  • green baubles with floral motives and many more

All egg baubles represent the highest quality of production and uniqueness. Treating yourself to one of them, you can be sure that you provide yourself with Christmas decorations that cannot be found in any different store. We wait for your purchase!

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